Christmas Shopping Ideas for Decorations and Unusual Gifts

I know! It is Thanksgiving next Thursday and I am trying to get you to think about what you might want for shells to decorate your house and/or tree. I use to hate to even see Christmas decorations in the stores before Halloween and Thanksgiving had come. Now, here I am, one of the obnoxious offenders. The special I want to tell you about this week are Mussel shell ornaments. Look at the picture of the ornaments on my Shop On Line page. SPECIAL PRICE: You can have three assorted ornaments shipped to you for eighteen dollars ($18.00) This price is through the month of January, 2010. If you want you can specify the shells be sent with red flowers made out of dyed red Gar scales, with yellow centers resembling Poinsettia flowers. All flowers are accented with green shells. There is also a limited number of small 10 inch artificial trees that I decorate with 30 shell flowers attached to miniature hooks. Please email me if you are interested in more detail about the flowers that are available for the trees. The cost is twenty-five dollars including shipping. It is called Instant Decorating! They look so pretty on a small table or chest.
All for now! Sharlene

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